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Our Company

With over 30 years of experience, Delta Group is a leading food company established since 1974, and providing the highest quality ingredients from a range of more than 200 products you can find in all major supermarkets and most local minimarkets and shops. Since Delta Group has been the pioneer Lebanese company of packaged and branded herbs, spices and mixed powders, it grew and it is still expanding through a very precise vision combining high standards of hygiene, to quality and consistency.


Our Products

Baking Products

A variety of ingredients guaranteeing great baking results when used at the base of your recipes. And when added as a flavoring element, it becomes a source of delicate taste to your baked item.




The days where preparing puddings used to take long hours are now over. With our variety of products and our recipes, dessert making becomes a quick, easy and enjoyable process.

Jellies & Ice-creams

An intense aroma perfumes your ice cream when made with Delta Ice Cream Powder. And when a sense of freshness in your ice cream or jellies is needed, Delta is the brand that brings the taste of natural to your food.
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Lebanese Specialties

We are proud of our success in preserving the authentic taste of traditional Lebanese puddings, dumplings, and falafel, while creating quick and friendly ways for their preparation.

Instant Juices

With our range of flavors, we make the natural and fresh taste of fruit juice available at all seasons. And because we care about your health and shape, we are happy to provide a low calorie range of instant juices.



Our line of herbs and spices captures flavors and sensations from all parts of the world and bring them straight to your kitchen, to guarantee the perfect intense and special seasoning of your meals.

Our Recipes

Bacon Roll


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