Our factory is at the origin of our reputation. It is where the confidence in the brand name Delta grew during decades. Delta Group is today a synonym of modern food manufacturing, because we use the most advanced technologies available, and combine them to very strict norms of quality control.

With respect to the nature and the variety of our production, and because we are concerned about quality, freshness and hygiene, the factory is divided into two separate sections.

The Mixed Powder Food Section

Where our baking products, puddings, jellies and ice cream powder and instant drink powder are processed, controlled and packaged. This is equally where we mix our range of Lebanese dessert specialties.

The Spices and Herbs Section

Our herbs and spices are sterilized before being freshly grounded, packed and sealed by our advanced automatic machines. This manufacturing process and our top-quality packaging are designed to preserve the character and aroma of the spices, as well as to protect them from light, humidity and air.

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